Aycan Tütüncüoğlu | ” Students with special needs will be given an IEP
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” Students with special needs will be given an IEP

” Students with special needs will be given an IEP

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An IEP is an “individualized education plan.” Students with special needs will be given an IEP, or a list of things cheap jordans online that you must do when teaching the child. An IEP might include anything from “additional time for testing” to “needs all cheap jordans china cheap jordans shoes test questions read aloud” to “needs to use braille textbook.” How do you ensure cheap jordans in usa you’re meeting the needs of a student with an cheap jordans 5 IEP? First, read the IEP carefully. If you have questions, consult a special education teacher, counselor, or other staff member who can help you.

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