Aycan Tütüncüoğlu | Second, even if altruism is established via group selection,
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Second, even if altruism is established via group selection,

Second, even if altruism is established via group selection,

No culture is ‘pure’, as in completely removed from influences of other cultures around it. Humans have culturally appropriatedideas from each other since time immemorial. We in the West scoff our Pop Tarts (surely descended from the Cornish pasty? Don’t quote me on that!), use maths (which Arabs developed from the ideas of the ancient Greeks and Indians)and enjoy the comfort of electricity (whichmany different people from all backgrounds contributed towards harnessing) as we tap away on Twitter, quick to forget that what makes us great isn’t necessarily what makes us different; it’s the things we learn and share among each otherdespitebeing different..

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