Aycan Tütüncüoğlu | How can these two facts be simultaneously true
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How can these two facts be simultaneously true

How can these two facts be simultaneously true

No matter where you are in the Western world, you can bet that your education looked pretty much the same: 12 years of sitting in classes Canada Goose Online that focused almost entirely on memorizing facts. Sure, there have been a bunch of outstanding teachers who took a Dead Poet’s Society level of personal interest in their students, but for the most part, the education of our youth has been rather paint by numbers. You progress through a series Canada Goose sale of “grades” lasting one year each, and everybody gets about the same material. “Get used to it, kids. Life is sitting helplessly while someone else tells you what to do, until the day canada goose coats on sale you die.”It turns out that it was concocted nearly wholesale by a committee of ten guys way back in the early 1890s. They were imaginatively known https://www.doloresnet.com as the Committee of Ten. Before then, canada goose factory sale schools across the United States were essentially free to teach kids however they wanted, with very mixed results. So in 1894, the Committee of Ten came together with the goal of standardizing the education system across the country, and Canada Goose online released a report that shaped the modern concept of schooling in the USA and abroad. That part makes sense why not figure out what works and apply it everywhere?From here on out, go ahead and assume finger quotes every time the word “works” comes up.

To start, there’s the fact that they didn’t really make sure it worked first. The committee’s report basically turned education into. Unless you’re an Einstein level prodigy and get to skip a grade or do really, really badly and get held back, your progress through the school system is more or less decided on the time spent sitting at your desk one year equals one “grade.” It’d be like an RPG in which leveling up didn’t canada goose outlet shop depend on how many orcs you grinded, but simply the number of hours you sat at the computer.”I’m gonna grind through Junior Prom, then I’m never buying anything off Greenlight again.”

Indeed, the Committee’s standardization model (which was later refined by the Carnegie Unit) wasn’t intended to maximize the quality of schooling canada goose outlet reviews so much as its efficiency they canada goose outlet in usa wanted to “batch process” kids for higher education. After a set period of time, you either memorize enough facts to go on to college or university, or you canada goose outlet uk don’t (in which case, ha ha, fuck you). Shit, that’s the only reason NASA exists. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that a bunch of educational initiatives passed by the US in the 20th century were made with the singular goal in mind of one upping the communists.

In 1983, the National Commission on Excellence in Education published a report titled “A Nation at Risk,” which outlined the growing threat of slipping education results. It was woven with evocative, nationalistic rhetoric such as “educational disarmament” and claimed that “if an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance Canada Goose Outlet that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of canada goose black friday sale war.” The report never specifically names the Soviets canada goose outlet sale as the looming foreign educational threat, but considering canada goose outlet nyc the context of the time, we’re reasonably sure that they weren’t talking about France.

This report is widely regarded as the catalyst for the modern canada goose outlet store uk test focused education movement. The nation’s largest organization of teachers refers to it as an “obsession with standardized testing” which adds between $700 to $1,000 of cost per student each year. Altogether, students in the US will take an average of 113 fucking standardized tests throughout their primary and secondary school education, all for the sake of desperately trying to outsmart a rival superpower that no longer exists.

Sue Ream

“So does this mean we can finally stop giving the Iowa Test now?”

“If you can think of a way to justify 10,000 unused Scantrons to the school board, then we’ll talk.”

Of course, the most important canada goose outlet question is, again, whether the system works. And the answer is: Ha, of course not. Despite this insane testing schedule, the US has experienced stagnation in achievement, while other countries have been rapidly improving. For example, students in Finland take a grand canada goose coats total of one exam at the end of their entire school experience, and they consistently canada goose outlet online top worldwide rankings in educational achievement. It’s almost as though routine learning and standardized testing aren’t the only or even the best way to maximize a human child’s education. In fact, it’s the only national expenditure that really rivals the defense budget. Despite this sizable investment, many schools and districts are dramatically underfunded, and in some cases literally cheap canada goose falling apart. How can these two facts be simultaneously true, unless our nation’s teachers are using the whole system as a complex money laundering operation for the mafia?”So howsabout we discuss your funding this year, principal? That is, unless you’d like to be ‘held back.'”

The answer is that while schools receive some funding through the federal and state government, nearly half of a school’s funding will come from local taxes, usually on real estate. Neighborhoods full of rich people can raise more money than those in the inner canada goose outlet city or trailer parks, so kids growing up in an upscale Bay Area suburb will receive a much higher standard of education than kids growing up in Buttfart, Mississippi. thus uk canada goose outlet ensuring that the rich neighborhoods will stay rich and the poor ones will stay poor goose outlet canada.

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